Advisory Board

The idea of the RECLAIM! Universal Human Rights Initiative began while preparing a talk in Berlin on how the Universal Declaration of Human Rights came into being.

Conversations with colleagues in several countries about the importance of the Declaration nowadays led to publishing the talk online, and developing a global political initiative – which would engage with civil societies worldwide in order to urge governments that they reaffirm and strengthen the economic, social, political, and cultural rights granted to everybody by the Declaration.

The RECLAIM! initiative is led by an Advisory Board, whose members are:

Adam S. Wilkins

Adam Wilkins (Ph.D., Genetics) is an evolutionary biologist, writer, teacher, and editor. He has had a life-long interest in human rights and civil liberties; he lives in Berlin, Germany.

Gregor Hagedorn

Dr. Gregor Hagedorn is biologist and information structure researcher, who works at the Museum für Naturkunde, Berlin. He has strong interests in children’s human rights and the preservation of cultural and natural heritage.

Bertrand Jordan

Bertrand Jordan is a molecular biologist, writer and lecturer (genetics and genomics for the general public), and biotech consultant. He is a French citizen, lives in Marseille, and is a member of Transparency International.

Eric Reifenstein

Eric Reifenstein is a neuroscientist at Humboldt-University Berlin and has a strong interest in human rights and their role in today’s societies. Beyond human rights, he is a dog lover and keen advocate for animal rights and environmental protection.

Julianna Roosevelt

Julianna Roosevelt has worked as a child psychotherapist and landscape gardener. She actively carries on the human rights legacy of her great-grandmother, Eleanor Roosevelt, by serving on the Board of Directors and as Chairwoman of the Program Committee of the Eleanor Roosevelt Center in Val-Kill, New York.

Miguelángel Verde Garrido

Miguelángel Verde Garrido (Dr. rer. pol.) is a political scientist, philosopher, and international relations theorist. He is also a co-founder of the Berlin Forum on Global Politics e.V., a public interest nonprofit that promotes understanding of world politics.

Steve Wax

Steve Wax is a prize-winning filmmaker and a marketing consultant. With lifelong interests in promoting economic and social justice, he currently lives in Sebastopol, northern California.

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