From a Talk to an Initiative and More

frankieleon - flickr.jpgOur political and educational initiative grew out of a celebration of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) that took place in September, 2017. One of us, Adam S. Wilkins, was asked by his political group, American Voices Abroad (AVA) in Berlin, Germany, to give a short talk on how the Declaration came into being. While preparing the talk, it struck him that despite the importance of the document in international affairs, its general observance by many United Nations member states was actually quite poor. A question this provoked was how the Declaration might be made into a more effective instrument of human rights. Our initiative is an attempt to do just that.

After the talk was presented, another of our members, Miguelángel Verde Garrido, suggested that the talk be converted into a blog post, complete with a relevant bibliography, for a public interest nonprofit organization, the Berlin Forum on Global Politics, also based in Berlin, Germany. This was done and the blog post was published in April, 2018. On our website, it can be read here.

(Photo credit: frankieleon | Flickr)